Set up a Wanchain Node

To be able to access the Wanchain network from your program, you need to have access to a running Wanchain gwan node with RPC enabled. The overview below covers a few of the ways to get gwan, plus how to start gwan with the required options, as well as how to check that you are able to make an RPC connection to the node.

Install gwan

There are a few ways to get the gwan binary. Either you can use the binary from the wallet, download the binary, or build the binary yourself.

Option 1 - Use WanWallet gwan

The gwan node that runs when the WanWallet GUI wallet is open does not have RPC enabled, and thus it is not sufficient to just open up the WanWallet and use its running gwan node. But if you already have WanWallet installed, you can use the gwan binary shipped with the wallet to start a node with RPC enabled.

Once WanWallet is installed, the gwan binary should now exist on your system.

$ ls ~/.config/WanWalletGui/binaries/Gwan/unpacked/gwan

Either use that path in place of gwan in future commands, or add it to somewhere in your PATH.

Option 2 - Pre-built gwan binary

If you do not already have the WanWallet installed, the easiest way to get the Wanchain node binary is to download the latest official release binary from the Wanchain Foundation website.

$ wget
$ tar xzvf gwan-linux-amd64-1.0.7-3c1c638c.tar.gz
$ cd gwan-linux-amd64-1.0.7-3c1c638c

In that directory you should find the gwan binary. You can either install the binary to somewhere in your PATH, or you can run the binary directly with ./gwan.

Option 3 - Build from source

There may be a reason why you do not want to use the official release binary, and instead need to build gwan yourself. You can build from source with the following steps.

$ go get
$ cd $GOPATH/src/
$ make gwan

The gwan binary should now exist in the ./build/bin/ directory. You can either install the binary to somewhere in your PATH, or you can run the binary directly with ./build/bin/gwan.

Start development node

With gwan installed on your system, you can now use it to start a development Wanchain node in testnet mode. Running the node with the following options should cover most of your needs.

$ gwan --testnet \
	--verbosity 4 --maxpeers 500 --maxpendpeers 100 --gasprice 180000000000 \
	--rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 18545 --rpcapi "debug,eth,personal,net,admin,wan,txpool"

But if not, you can peruse the various gwan options using the help command.

$ gwan help

Test the connection

Now that gwan is installed and running, check to see that you can connect to the Wanchain node from the command line by starting a new console.

# Replace the path to gwan with the path that you used when starting the node
$ gwan attach http://localhost:18545

Run mainnet node

Once you have used the test network enough, you may want to start a mainnet node. To do that, remove the --testnet option and run the RPC server instead on port 8545. You may also want to remove the -rpcaddr option, or change it to a local address, like

$ gwan \
	--verbosity 4 --maxpeers 500 --maxpendpeers 100 --gasprice 180000000000 \
	--rpc --rpcaddr --rpcport 8545 --rpcapi "debug,eth,personal,net,admin,wan,txpool"