Revoke an Bitcoin Outbound Transaction

The outbound Bitcoin revoke is essentially identical to the outbound Ethereum revoke. With that said, let’s start by making a new script file for the revoke.

$ vi wbtc2btc-revoke.js

Copy over the top portion of previous Bitcoin outbound, though as before make sure to add in the redeemKey generated by the expired outbound transaction.

const opts = {
  redeemKey: {
    x: '<the x value>',
    xHash: '<the xHash value>',

Then we can set up the revoke call.

  .catch(err => {
    console.log('Error:', err);

function sendRevoke(txCount) {

  // Get the raw revoke tx
  const revokeTx = cctx.buildRevokeTx(opts);

  // Send the revoke transaction on Bitcoin
  const receipt = await utils.sendRawWanTx(web3wan, revokeTx, opts.from, wanPrivateKey)

  console.log('Revoke sent:', receipt);

Finally, go ahead and run the script.

$ node btc2wbtc-revoke.js