Using the Console

The console is a simple command line interface for interacting with your Wanchain node and the Wanchain network, intended to be used for testing or making simple manual transactions. The console can be very useful when developing as it gives you a way to quickly make one-off commands.

Open a Console

There are two ways to start up a console: either start gwan with the console option, or use the attach command to attach to an already existing node.

Start gwan in console mode

To start the node and open a console in one step, use the console command.

$ ./gwan [options] console

Attach gwan

To attach to an already established node, use the attach command.

./gwan attach

The above command attaches a console to a running gwan instance found at the default ipc location. If it is unable to connect to the default ipc, you can specify the location of the ipc using the --ipc option.

$ ./gwan attach --ipc /my/path/gwan.ipc

Alternatively, you can connect by passing the address and port of the host.

$ ./gwan attach

Using the console

The console can be used to issue many different commands, including getting the balance of an account, sending a transaction, and getting a transaction receipt. Wanchain includes all of the available Ethereum commands, as well as the add command set described here.

Below lists just a few of the more common usages.

Show sync status

> eth.syncing

Get account and balance

> eth.accounts
> web3.fromWin(eth.getBalance(eth.accounts[0]))

Unlock an account

> personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0], '<password>', 999)